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Welcome to the virtual craft village of Amata.

All of us who live here, are real artists and artisans, who would like to share our passion for our crafts with you. In our workshops we show you the techniques, tools and materials we use to create our items. 
With one click on the title
s of the squares below, you can visit these workshops, follow classes and tutorials or go to the information desk, where we explain in more detail what there is to see and do in this village and how everything works. ​In the menu above you will see that we also have a playground and a news stand.

And, don't forget: our village keeps growing, we are working on it to make it bigger and better every time!

Alcalá Artisanal


In Alcalá del Júcar we are preparing a real Artisan Village. Here we explain more about the project.

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