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Hi, I'm Elvira.
I am the president of Amata and the only resident of this virtual village without a workshop or store.  But crafts, and above all, artisans occupy a very important place in my life. In the first video below I tell you a little about the history of Amata (sorry, for the moment only in Spanish!)

The other video will give you an idea of the good atmosphere we have in Amata and why I like working with our artisans so much.  This video was recorded at the Monreal del Campo fair in 2017.  It was a very good fair, but . . . at the best moment (at noon on Sunday) it started to rain and in the blink of an eye the entire public disappeared.  The rain stopped, but it was lunch time, so people diddn't come back and we "lost" many sales.  You'll see that no one got long-faced, on the contrary: we all had a jolly good time.  The typical atmosphere of Amata!!  

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