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Alcalá del Júcar will become a true Artisan Village

We are working on the creation of a real Artisan Village (as opposed to this virtual village) in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain: Alcalá del Júcar.  The project is an initiative of the Alcalá City Council and the Amata association to turn the old town into an Artisan Village, with a number of workshops open to the public.  You can visit them and see the authentic artisans working, talk to them , buy their products or place special orders.

Courses for adults and children will be organized, both one-hour workshops and intensive courses lasting several days and at various levels: from basic techniques for beginners to more advanced ones to perfect your knowledge - all led by a master craftsman.  

In the information center and the tourist office an information sheet will be available in several languages, with the location and hours of each workshop and shop, as well as other points of interest.  And, so that yoiu don't miss out on any of the workshop, a route through the old town will be marked out, which passes past all the workshops and shops of the artisans.

Several artisans are already preparing to live and open a workshop in the old town of Alcalá: they are going to fix and adapt the houses to their new destinations and they will open their workshops as soon as they are ready. 

If you are interested in being part of this Artisan Village, you can contact con Amata, so that we can inform you of the conditions and send you the application form.

Sponsors of the Alcalá Artesano project:

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